NER BY K2K Advanced Online Seminar


10 sessions

January 13th-14th-20th-21st-27th-28th

February 3rd-4th-10th-11th

Wednesday and Thursday

16:00h-19:00h (CEST, UTC +1)

Online using Zoom platform

Price: €1.500€+VAT

Limited places

Two grants made available 50% disponibles 50%


In the face of the Covid-19 crisis, globalisation, connectivity, global interdependence and technological advances, organisations find themselves in environments that are infinitely more complex than they used to be, even a few weeks ago. In this scenario of drastic evolution and uncertainty, companies are looking for references in successful advanced management to face today’s challenges and become more humane and economically sustainable.

In response to the needs of this new reality, we are introducing the 11th NER BY K2K Online Advanced Seminar, in english, starting on January 13th and ending on February 11th. The seminar is the result of the expertise and experience gathered by the K2K Emocionando team over more than two decades facing new business challenges and participating in more than 70 transformation processes.

It will consist of ten three-hour sessions, being held over five weeks (on Wednesdays and Thursdays).


The seminar, unfolding over five weeks, activates the SENSE/THINK/DO process.

  • There will be Zoom (online) meetings on Wednesdays and Thursdays, consisting of interactive activities where you can SENSE the New Style of Relationships (NER). There will be special guests at the sessions: Ner Group company collaborators, coordinators and owners who will share their organisational transformation experiences and discuss their current situation, working with NER.
  • Between sessions, seminar participants will have access to videos and reading materials, as well as to exercises to do in small groups. They are expected to spend two hours reading, watching videos and doing exercises between sessions.

The videoconferences will be held through the Zoom platform. During the sessions we will use a series of digital tools that promote collaboration and proximity, even when we are not in the same place together.


All sessions will be hosted by the K2K Emocionando team, who will share their knowledge and experience in organisational and cultural transformations to a New Style of relationships. There will also be several guest appearances from owners and leaders from organisations from the NER group as well as expert personal and system coaches.



Welcome and introduction to platforms and tools.
In the first session, we will all meet and share our challenges and dreams. We will also introduce the technology platforms and tools we will work with throughout the seminar..


Inspiring and drawing the ‘ner’ map.
The journey begins with the sharing of all the questions you may have. We will make sure we answer them in the next five weeks.

‘ner’ immersion.
Koldo Saratxaga, promoter of the New Style of Relationships (NER) will talk about the goal and values of this new business management model.


Beginning the process. Connecting people with goals and values.
Initiating change in an organisation adequately is one of the keys to success. For this we need to understand and implement the keys to a good start.

Company owners who chose to give up power and embrace this new business management model will be with us to talk about what led them to make this change, their fears, their personal development and their views on the impact the transformation has on people.


Approaching personal and cultural dynamics in organisational transformation processes.
In this session, we will talk about the impact of change on each participant, encouraging practical thinking about our styles of relationships, resistance management, repetitive patterns and mental models.

We will suggest a few conceptual frameworks and try various models to connect with us as agents of change on the basis of guided conversation.


Redesigning organisations. Internal organisation and self-managed teams.
If nothing changes at the organisational level, changes will not be effective. Accordingly, we will learn how to redesign an organisation, doing away with hierarchy and focusing on self-management, responsibility and efficiency instead.


Redesigning organisations. Decision making without hierarchy and project follow-up.
One of the most important elements of organisational transformation is how decisions are made. We will try various ways of doing this with no recourse to hierarchy or power.

The heads of the Ner Group Commitment and Steering teams will be with us to discuss the best ways of ensuring transparent and collaborative decision-making processes, and we will learn about the keys to a healthy accountability pace for people and teams.


Establishing a framework for social-labour relations.
The New Style of Relationships (NER) also means a new way of dealing with social-labour affairs, which are, of course, an integral part of the organisation.

In this session, we will be talking with people who have seen their working conditions positively and negatively affected in a given situation. They will share with us the clues to overcome a crisis or rebalance employee compensation.


Thinking economic and financial issues.
For organisational change to be effective, we need to understand the mechanisms underlying the economics and finances of an organisation and learn how we can share enough knowledge of them with all the actors involved so that they make the right decisions.

Ner Group finance managers and coordinators will tell us how they made everyone in their organisations understand their business models in order to feel comfortable when making decisions with a financial impact.


Learning lessons for a culture of collective work.
When you embarked on this trip, you probably had a lot of questions. It is time to go back to them, go over the topics discussed and share the lessons learned and the experiences lived to go down a new road, which we firmly encourage you to take.

Together, we will digest and put together the seminar’s contents, analysing their impact on our mental models and organisational cultures. Together, we will also see what contents can be used as leverage for effective, significant action.


Initiating change.
The seminar will come to a close with a look at the future and the possibility that opens up from here, both for individuals and for organisations.



The registration fee for the 11th NER BY K2K Online Advanced Seminar is €1500 + VAT per participant. Places are limited.

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Once you have registered, you will be contacted by a member of the K2K Emocionando team for an interview, where you will get to know each other and you will be able to ask questions.

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