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I’m a facilitator of organisational development and change management. I’m proactive, dependable and committed. I like working in team and acquiring knowledge and experience.
I’m a lover of sports, books and family time. I’m a lover of sports, books and family time. I speak Basque as a native language and am fluent in English, courtesy of my stays in England and the University of California, Berkeley.

I have a degree in Business Administration from the University of the Basque Country, an MBA from ESEUNE Business School and an MSc in Marketing from the University of California, Berkeley (USA). In addition, I’ve done courses on total quality management (EFQM), assessor training (EFQM) and at the Association for the Advancement of Management (APD).

I’ve been part of K2K Emocionando since March 2008 – a team of seven led by Koldo Saratxaga to promote, drive and lead radical transformations in business organisations for outstanding results at all levels.

I’m currently involved in the transformation processes of Ekin S. Coop. (broaching machines and tools, 250 employees), Logos S. Coop. (kitchen and bathroom furniture and fittings, 55 employees) and Arreche, S.A. (bar turning,40 employees). I’ve also provided support to the organisational changes introduced in Aluminios Ampuero, S.A. (aluminium window, 50 employees), Amenabar, S.A. (chains and hoists, 40 employees), Urtxintxa (education and training, 35 employees), Oñati City Council (public administration, 90 employees), Grip-on Tools, S. Coop. (hand tools, 35 employees), Gashor S. Coop. (baking equipment, 40 employees), Panelfisa S. Coop. (screws and fasteners) and Burdinola S. Coop. (laboratory equipment, 90 employees).

I’m part of the coordination and social reponsibility team at Ner Group.

Between 2000 and 2007, I worked for Eroski, S. Coop., at the fresh food retail platform in Amorebieta, as systems technician and head of team development and implementation of radiofrequency warehouse management software, which involved follow-up, assessment, improvement and staff training as well (2000-2002); as head of management control, process and team management in the frozen food section, and analysis and follow-up of operating accounts, profits and financial statements (2002-2006); and as part of the fresh food retail platform management team, in the area of fruit purchases, bargaining and supplies.

Before joining Eroski, S. Coop., I was an intern at La Caixa (1998) and a customer relationship manager, also in charge of order follow-up, at Eclair Prym, a zip manufacturer based in Vitoria-Gasteiz whose customers include Inditex, Mango and other big players.