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NER Ignites

We are


We are a professional team led by Koldo Saratxaga, the architect of the New Style of Relationships (ner) in organisations.  

We implement NER in all kinds of organisations, particularly businesses, administrations, associations and learning centres, among others. NER is grounded in fundamental principles and values. It can be adapted to each organisation, developing a variety of customised tools and techniques

to enable organisational changes in business projects when a transformation is needed but people can think of no ways of delivering it successfully.

We are facilitators, dynamising agents, enthusiastic people with proven experience in making organisational change happen by introducing a radically different approach to management where people acquire knowledge and this leads to an enhanced organisation.


We have permanent partnerships with professionals in Catalonia, Portugal and Mexico. Our partners are companions with whom we can travel farther.

We share a style of relationships based on ethics, coherence, trust, self-management, freedom and responsibility, generosity and long-term vision. It is the New Style of Relationships for business environments (ner).

Ner Group

Koldo Saratxaga is the man behind Ner Group, an association of about 30 Basque companies sharing the New Style of Relationships (ner). We are part of them too.

The members of Ner Group share experiences, exchange knowledge and build synergies to move forward, become more efficient, get better results and go farther. Deeply committed to society, the association has the goal of achieving fair and sustainable human development.

About 2,700 people make Ner Group’s combined workforce. The group records a of 400 million euro in 60 countries. The association is made of different types of organisations in terms of their legal types (limited or public limited companies, cooperatives, even NGOs), their size (from micro enterprises to big corporations with hundreds of employees in multiple countries) and sector (manufacturing industry, public administration, education, services, etc.).